So start the first post in a while with bad news all that work and love I put into building and maintain her and the chainset failed for the second time inside of 5 months could be less but I will overestimate. to be honest I  don’t even know why it failed this time. bad patch, wrongly fitted ?????? I have no clue but it broke in exactly the same way.

Out of Commission

Bottom bracket

So while she is out of commision I will change some bits that I have wanted to do for awhile but left as I didn’t want to rip her apart for minimal things. So instead of using the PF30 reducer which I believe paid a part in the chainset failing, I will put in a conversion unit which converts it to a normal bb86 shell that I can install a hollowtech bottom bracket into.



The cables I will change to Jagwire Elite sealed units. As I did have the Jagwire link elite sealed on my original carb but when that frame failed and I built up the Boardman the anodised red just didn’t fit so I used the standard Shimano sis cables. I’m just picking the sealed units as it keeps water out of the cable and it ways stiffer smoother response as I think my sis especially my back brake that feels spongy as the cable runs in the housing through the frame.



The wheels are being changed from Shimano RS330 which have done me well but they were just supposed to be replacement wheels while I found a probable replacement for my carbon wheels. So I have picked the Mavic Cosmic Elite which has a small dish and is slightly lighter but the huge reason they are tubeless so I will be running my same BELOVED Ykison tyres in a tubular form that allow higher pressure, better rolling resistance and have less fiction as it doesn’t have an inner tube. Also, Mavic has been one of the only brands that have never failed me.


Basic Maintenance

Just basic maintenance changing over bar tape as mine has started slip. this happens when I want to rush instead of taking time and do things right. The gears need indexing and brake adjusting and deep clean of the drivetrain as its started to clump and become sticky. Once this is done I will be s step closer to having my ultimate road machine.