Tyre Repair

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, The more slime in the tyre has not done the job. I ended up doing a little bit of research and found out the CO2 tyre inflator even through the slime says it can be used makes it stingy and doesn’t hold up well after co2 has been used on the sealant.


The fix

To fix the problem I purchased a Tubeless repair kit that glues patches to the inside of the tyre sort of like what I did with the slime patch but stronger. I found the small leak that was coming out of the tyre and patched that with the new kit ( Velox ). The patches seem super strong a lot thicker than the slime patch. Once I had done this I changed the slime completely in both tyres and add the Mavic sealant. Pumped it up to 100psi i did this on the new portable track pump ( Topeak Road Morph ) which was small enough to go in my bag or be bolted to the bike if needed.

It seems to be holding up after the 24hour pressure test so fingers crossed it works if it doesn’t then I will need to get a new tyre which is what I’m trying to negate as they do cost £50 each.