Supplements and all that goodness, after not treating my body great with riding no taking vitamins, or vegetable or fruit it was about time I did something about making sure my body is getting the right supply of supplements it needs. I spoke to a few cyclist and a nutritionist about what supplements I should be taking. The list is as follows.


Magnesium Citrate 500mg – 1 Tablet a day
Omega 3 1000mg – 1 tablet a day
Quercetin – 1 tablet a day
CoQ10 100mg – 1 tablet a day
Glutamine 500mg – 1 tablet a day
Soya Lecithin 1360mg – 1 tablet a day

One protein shake after 1hr + training sessions

All these supplements should do a few things it should keep my energy levels from dropping, reduce the muscle and joint fatigue while training and allow for quicker recovery and maintain the weight i am at.