RS330 week in

So a week in on the RS330 and they changed the way the bike feels, a set of wheels can change the whole way the bike rides. The good point is less flex in the wheel which means that it’s not slowing down by hitting the pads from flex, the bike is also more responsive when going into and exiting corners at all speeds and way more responsive when pulling off. This is all doing with having a more rigid set of tyres. They roll pretty much the same as the carbon ones to be far not really seeing much difference in the hub. I haven’t ridden it in high wind but the dish is not as deep and the carbon ones which should make it a better ride but we will have to see this one. The bad points they weigh a fair bit more around 550 – 600 grammes more, since they are more rigid which helps with the responsiveness they do make the ride a little bit more harsh as they don’t absorb vibration like the carbons did but all in its been a good swap. It seems like ideal I would have wanted a mix of the two which are the part carbon part aluminium wheels but these rs330 will do just fine as daily commuters from the riding I have been doing I do need to change the brake pads to my old SRAM/swissstop pads and the swissstop black prince I had for my carbon wheels are just too soft and the aluminium wheels are eating them way to quick without offering decent stopping power.


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