PF30 Gone

So the PF30 finally got ripped out the shell cleaned out and the new PF30 convertor pressed into the frame I had to Loctite it in. It says to leave it for 12 hours but I just left it for a few days to make sure it was fully cured before i put the hollowtech bottom bracket in. The FSA converter I used is a permanent solution so it’s worth noting that once it is installed it’s not coming back out. so you have to be sure its what you want because you’re not going back to a PF30 bracket.


Fully Cured

Once the Converter was fully cured, I think installed the hollowtech bottom bracket which I torqued to 40nm. which to be fair I normally just do it by hand but I thought I would follow the instructions to find out if this would help with my forever failing chainset. Once this was done I just had to install the new Shimano Ultegra R8000 chainset which is slightly a different colour ( if you know me then you know this is killing me on the inside). Before I do that I’m going to clean the chain and cassette while it is off.