Mavic Cosmis- 1 Month Review

300 miles in and the Mavic Cosmic have to be the best set of wheels I have bought so far. After going through Mavic CXP elites, Chinese carbon wheels and Shimano RS300. The Mavic cosmic are the meaning of great value for money.


The overall performance is solid for the price. These are the cheapest of Mavics 2018 UST launch. What you get a great proven set of wheels that not only roll smoothly on their QRM double sealed bearings, brake on a dim on the CNC machined braking surface when teamed with some Swissstop black princes the came in light then all the other wheels listed above. The whiles have not buckled as on yet on the harsh pothole ridden east London roads just which happened to all the above rims especially the carbon ones that couldn’t withstand my 15 stone weight.


The free included Yksion Pro UST tyres are amazing fro tyres that were included with the wheel it gives you the opition to run themk with innertubes or no innertube with a 127TPI casing which outstanding by high level Tubular or even Clincher tyres but the 11 Storm compound from hutchinson give you a great commuter tyre or even a great race tyre not only do they hold pressure pretty well ( im usin Slime Pro slealent instead of the Mavicc sealent) all punctures I have got have been sealed within millsecondds and all I need to do when I got home to bump the tyre back up to 100psi and it was all ready to go again. You get a good grip on both Dry and wet Condition. The durability seems fairly good even though i will have to get back to you on this when i have covered more miles maybe after 6 months. The rolling resistance is brilliant and that’s the main point of UST offering you tubeless better rolling tyres that won’t break the bank and that’s exactly what the Mavic Cosmic Elite UST is a great wheelset wrapped in great tyres for around the £350 mark you will struggle to find a better Tubeless ready wheelset that comes literally ready to install and ride.