Jagwire Elite Sealed

The Cables are finally in just from handling the cables they are super stiff, which is a good point and bad points. Good, it’s not going to contract under braking allowing for a more responsive and smoother pull. The gearing is the same but it supposed to make it smoother and less clunky shifting. The plastic sleeve that runs in the outer is lubricated with a thick grease with the cables being made out of very twisted strands coats in PTFE makes the cable run super smooth a free-flowing.  Bad point you need to have super strong smooth cuts when crimping the cable because if you don’t you get kinks which you then have to keep cutting down until you get a smooth cut which is all good if you had unlimited cable but since jagwire is a bit stiff with the amount of cable they give you, you need to be spot on. I will give a review in few weeks time once I have had time to brae then in a readjust.