Evans Ride – Gatwick Ride

So first big ride of the year went decently to say the least but I will break it down into two things the ride itself and how well the bike fled up.

The Ride

Managed to get to the ride at 8:30. absolutely violated myself and rolled up in a thermal top with no gloves, not arm warmers and no feet warmers. This luckily I was able to sort out and brought some Khalif arm warmers and gloves which were better than the ones I own so that was a bonus. So the ride took me 4:54:58. This was a decent time I thought but I believe I could have done a little bit better but for riding with the flu I think I did well. I averaged 14.3 miles per hour I did reach a max speed of 36mph which was lush and the brakes held up very well. This was dented hefty by some of the hills I struggle and my speed dropped right down to 5/6mph. My cadence was around 75 rps which was nice ideally I want to lower this a little bit. The next ride is what even call lumpy so fingers crossed it will help a bit I think I need to get out on the road a little bit more than trying to train on the turbo trainer. My BPM was around 126 which is pretty good but ideally, i need to condition my body a little bit better. Overall it was a good ride and great start.


The bike

The bike held up very well, I do need to get the bar tape sorted and get some nice tape. I was looking at some silicon tape but from reviews, it says the tap is fairly short. So I will try the lizard skin DSP. brakes were perfect and stopped that bike at all times even when hitting 36 mph. I was going through the gears and it was good but the cables did stretch and I need to do a quick adjustment on the go I will look into what happens and maybe readjust once I put it into a stand.  overall the bike was good and did perfect as normal.