Body Assessment

So I had a full body assessment today to see how healthy I was and it’s not bad but it’s not great it is somewhere in between. I weigh in at 99.9kg which isn’t too bad a little heavier then I want to be but I’m not bad. what did through me off was my body fat percentage and lean body mass. My lean body mass was 69.23kg that means my body fat is 30.7%.  now for someone my age and gender, it should be 9-15% for a cyclist it should be around 5-10%. This also puts m BMI around 29.87 which puts me in the obese category ( this i don’t really care about ) I know these values are a bit hit and miss as different people have different body types but it made me realize how unhealthy my diet is even if I’m taking supplements I need to get way stricter on my diet and training regime. I am going to aim to get down to around 89 KG by the ride to Paris and finger crossed aim for 20% body fat even though this is high I want to take it bit by bit and not try and destroy my body to hit a target. my aim overall is just to be a bit healthier and lighter.